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Want to use the cloud more, but don’t trust infrastructure?

Cloud computing offers a range of benefits for businesses. Not only can your business now use powerful IT services that would cost you far more to provision and manage yourself – you finally have the ability to use IT as a commodity that you can closely map to your business needs.

However, in South Africa businesses face two serious hurdles on the road to full-scale cloud adoption: the ongoing issues of high bandwidth costs and trust in telecommunications providers’ ability to deliver their critical Cloud applications.

Several of the most attractive cloud services, like cloud backup and virtual desktops, require  more bandwidth than most companies have used in the past. Without more realistic and affordable bandwidth costs, these cloud services are either prohibitively expensive for your business, or end up costing you a lot of money. 

But things are changing…

Get exponentially more bandwidth for cloud services – to support your Cloud strategy

We absolutely believe that the cloud is one of the most important evolutions ever seen in IT. So we’re determined to enable it for South African businesses, and provide world-class telecommunications infrastructure to support it.

Which is why we provide our Cloud Services clients with unlimited bandwidth to access their applications and services.

Clients who already connect to the EOH Network Solutions Metro Fibre network in Johannesburg or Cape Town can get unlimited speeds to access cloud-related solutions across the NS Network. This includes EOH Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.

If your company is not an EOH NS Metro Fibre client, we can bundle the most attractive last mile options available in the market to support the Cloud Services we offer you.

How your company will benefit

  • Vastly more bandwidth to use cloud services
  • Put the full power of the cloud to work for your business
  • Take full advantage of the cloud’s ability to turn IT into a commodity to serve your business needs

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