EOH NS Cloud Backup

Reliable backup and recovery is critical in today’s information driven business.

Besides the sheer peace of mind of knowing that your data is safe, you also need to know that your business meets its governance and compliance requirements.

Cloud Backup is fully automated

EOH Cloud Backup automatically backs up your data based on a predefined backup schedule. Recovery is also automated. You select the data to be recovered and EOH Cloud Backup automatically restores the data.

Stringent security protects all your data

Data is secured and protected from the moment it leaves your servers and is safely stored in a secure, mirrored, off-site data centre.

Cloud Backup gives peace of mind

EOH Cloud Backup provides a fully managed, automated, cloud-based data protection service, with proactive data administration and monitoring. There is no longer a need to manage complex data backup and protection processes, allowing you to focus on your core business.

How your company will benefit

  • Lower total cost of ownership – no upfront capital costs of building your own secure backup infrastructure.
  • Predictable costs - you pay a fixed monthly fee.
  • Fast implementation – the infrastructure is already in place for you to start using.
  • Flexibility and easy scalability – you can quickly adjust your backup capacity as you need it.
  • Expert resources at your disposal – you don’t need to devote your own staff to manage your backup infrastructure and security.

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