• World-class IT infrastructure without CAPEX
  • Constant access to the latest technologies
  • Flexibility, scalability and agility
  • Cost-effectiveness

EOH NS Cloud Services

EOH NS offers a comprehensive array of cloud services that allow your business take advantage of the benefits offered by the most recent developments in cloud computing.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of these cloud solutions is that they provide world-class IT infrastructure and services without the upfront capital investment that would be required if you were to provision them in-house. You are able to use them as and when you need to, in line with the specific requirements of your business. This gives you value and flexibility, ensuring that your IT spend brings as close to optimal return on investment as possible.  

We offer the following Cloud Services:

Managed Hosting

Fully outsourced, completely agnostic cloud infrastructure that you can configure to suit your business needs.

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Cloud Backup

Reliable, automated cloud backup with stringent security protection and easy scalability.

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Disaster Recovery

Geographically separated disaster recovery facilities to supplement your primary data storage.

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Virtual Desktops

Instant provisioning of work interfaces for every person in your business as you need it.

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Data Centres

Space in any of the major data centres in South Africa – so you get to choose based on your specific business needs.

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