EOH NS Data Centre Services

Data Centre choices for your business 

We fully understand the importance of commercial data space for today’s companies. With the growth of Cloud solutions, disaster recovery and other related services, where to house services and applications has become a critical business consideration. 

Unlike most providers in the market, rather than develop our own data centres and limit our clients’ choices to these facilities, we have incorporated all the largest data centres in the country into our Metro Fibre footprint.

Because the location and associated costs of data centres differ so much, this is an important opportunity and consideration.

So we give you a very wide range of choice when it comes to deciding which data centre you prefer to use to house your data. It allows you to focus on strategic considerations in selecting a data centre - including technology, location and price.

We can offer you space in any major Data Centre in South Africa

EOH NS commercial data centre solutions and infrastructure are the most competitive available in the market today.

The following data centres are available to you through our services:

  • IS
  • Neotel
  • Vodacom
  • MTN
  • Hetzner
  • BCX
  • Bytes
  • Teraco
  • Continuity SA

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