EOH NS Virtual Desktops

EOH NS allows you to create virtual desktops for your company users, accessing information and applications that are stored in the cloud.

You can provision work interfaces that are individually tailored for each person. It’s easy to add and manage virtual desktops, with a high level of control over how your users access and use company data.

No more individual hardware, software or licensing purchases or maintenance and upgrade fees. Now you pay a fixed, predefined fee per month, per user – on a rental basis – so you can scale up and down as and when you need.

Instant provisioning

Our Virtual Desktops give you the ability to quickly and effectively adapt your business capabilities and capacity in response to market changes and strategic requirements. You can alter your capacity as you need to.

It allows your business to be more mobile and removes the limits on your capabilities, making your business more agile.

Improved cost control

Virtual Desktops give you more control of your IT and user costs. You won’t need an initial investment in equipment or software licenses, so your IT provisioning no longer relies on CAPEX.

It helps make your business more flexible and customer-centric, while controlling costs and enabling you to use your IT resources more efficiently for optimal productivity.

You will also be able to focus your resources on core and strategic tasks, without having to expend resources on basic ICT operations. Automation and self-provisioning can save up to 90% of the time and money you would otherwise commit to this.

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