EOH Fibre

Costly fibre restricting your adoption of technology?

The range of services available in telecommunications is increasing. And with this change comes the requirement for carrier-grade fibre connectivity, to support these growing services. Cloud Services, Virtual Desktops, Disaster Recovery, Replication and Voice are only a few services that require fast and competitively priced fibre connectivity.

EOH Fibre provides limitless bandwidth

We use Fibre to drive the adoption of strategic solutions such as Voice, Disaster Recovery and Cloud Solutions by providing unlimited access to these services through our own Metro Fibre network.

The EOH Metro Fibre network extends to most major metropolitan areas in South Africa. Our Fibre deployment is based on a minimum 1Gbps infrastructure, which will support the majority of your business and telecommunication needs.

Now you can move Fibre from the cost and bandwidth bottleneck – and make it an enabler of services and technology.

How your company will benefit

  • Carrier-grade fibre last mile available up to 10Gbps
  • Unlimited access to EOH’s strategic Cloud solutions and Voice network
  • Competitive fibre rates that will support the development of your network, as opposed to restricting it.

“EOH provides reliable and fast Internet access and Metro Fibre for Pam Golding’s head office and data centre.” - Jennifer Booysen, Pam Golding Properties

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