EOH Wireless

Fast, flexible Wireless - quick to deploy

Even with the spectrum limitations, wireless has continued to grow every year, becoming one of the most used and relied upon last mile solutions for business.

Wireless represents the most flexible service option in the industry, generally not succumbing to fibre build delays, such as council approval. So wireless can be deployed in days rather than months and represents a great stop gap for primary fibre-based solutions.

EOH Wireless – an excellent, economical last mile option

The EOH Wireless last mile network, an extension of our highly successful Fibre network, provides an excellent last mile technology option for corporate companies.

Using best-of-breed technology to deploy and deliver wireless last mile, our Wireless solution supports hundreds of companies connecting to their VPNs or to the Internet.

Now you can deploy services quickly and economically with EOH Metro Wireless network solutions.

How your company will benefit

  • Deploy last mile solutions within days, as an interim or backup technology for EOH Fibre
  • Get access to Broadband Internet over EOH Wireless solutions

“Services over our wireless consist of voice, data and interconnects to our Data Centre and Cloud Services. The link is very stable even in adverse weather conditions.” - William John van Jaarsveldt, ExactMobile

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