Data Centres and Disaster Recover

EOH NS Data Centres and Disaster Recovery

Does your infrastructure support your Disaster Recovery and back up requirements?

Storing and protecting data has become a central element in running a modern business. For many businesses it’s a crucial requirement. Data storage, backup and disaster recovery are essential for business continuity, as well as for corporate governance and compliance.

The difficulties of selecting the right location to deploy a company data storage and disaster recovery solution extends beyond the commercial elements like cost, and include geographic position for accessibility and governance. But the industry is quite prescriptive if you want to deploy a solution.

And importantly, the bandwidth costs of connecting these facilities are generally high, resulting in organisations taking compromising amounts of bandwidth. It also means that ingesting data from a disaster recovery perspective becomes a very manual process.

We have developed a network that will solve your challenges

EOH Network Solutions has spent the last few years developing our Metro Ethernet Fibre networks in Gauteng and the Western Cape. During this process we have incorporated almost every major data centre into this design.

This allows us to provide high quality, competitive Metro Fibre access between these data centres.  With the ability to implement services between these facilities in hours, coupled with capacity option up to 10 Gbps, the EOH NS DR infrastructure services suits every South African Enterprise.

So now you can get high speed access between these facilities on a protected 10 Gbps Metro Fibre ring.

How your company will benefit

  • Faster, more cost-effective bandwidth for data storage and disaster recovery
  • Higher capacity bandwidth

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