EOH NS Broadband Internet Access

Do you need fast, reliable, uncapped Internet access?

Your employees primarily use the Internet to work and communicate – through email, file sharing and voice technologies. Perhaps you regularly need to transfer large amounts of data between branches, or extensively use cloud-based services. Your business relies heavily on Internet connectivity.

You want fast, high-quality, reliable Internet access – but you can’t justify installing a dedicated, high-speed line.

Our Broadband Internet services give you the best available Internet access

We are able to use the power of fibre or wireless last mile networks to offer you exponentially higher bandwidth amounts – cost-effectively. It’s a high-quality, low latency connectivity service that you can rely on.

We connect our MPLS and Internet network with every substantial last mile provider. So we can give you access to the best available technology to every location in the country and around the world.

How your company will benefit

  • Fast, reliable Internet access
  • Cost-efficiency
  • High-quality connectivity

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