EOH NS Internet Access Per Gig

Do you need more bandwidth without increasing costs?

Even though high speed business Internet access is now freely available with last mile Fibre and Wireless solutions, your business connectivity can still face a bottleneck: the high cost of fixed Internet bandwidth.

This is because most services are based on a historically inflexible and sometimes unsuitable fixed pricing model.

We can give you exponentially higher bandwidth with almost no change in monthly costs

This is why we’ve introduced the EOH Per Gig Internet service.

The Per Gig option is not new in South Africa, but has historically been on offer to consumers or small business through contended ADSL type offerings. The EOH NS Per Gig solution now extends our much higher value service offering to medium and large size organisations.

We want to radically change your Internet experience. 

How your company will benefit

  • An average 300% increase in the size of your usable bandwidth
  • More bandwidth without increasing your bottom line – get more, while retaining your current financial spend
  • Reduced risk of additional costs associated with increased bandwidth – we provide sufficient buffer for you against this
  • User-friendly bandwidth management and monitoring

Internet Access Per Gig features and options

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Per Gig Internet design


The Per Gig Internet design is largely focused towards high bandwidth values (10 Mbps +). The most likely or cost-effective last mile services for this are Fibre or Wireless. We can provide these based on the best available options.

Design overview:
  • The Per Gig Internet service is a blended Internet service, which includes equal local and International access with no limitations on either service
  • It is based on a dedicated Internet access model (CIR, 1:1). So you can expect the full throughput of the size of the link when required.
  • Connecting to this service is achieved via Teraco Isando or Rondebosch through the selected last mile service (Fibre or Wireless).
  • The service is based on a primary SAT 3 network with restoration on Seacom of 50% during a failure. SAT 3 is the lowest latency and highest quality international link available in South Africa.


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Per Gig options


There are several Per Gig port options based on minimum bundle size, starting at as little as 5 Mbps and reaching as large as 1 Gbps.


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Usage monitoring services


Internet Access Per Gig comes with a live monitoring service that helps to improve your service experience through effective user management.

You get a web-based control tool to view up to the minute usage reports and overview of your package details. This helps you to manage any risk of exceeding the bundle you have purchased. You receive email notifications over set usage parameters.


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