EOH NS Wireless DSL

Has your business outgrown its basic ADSL service – but can’t afford a dedicated line?

You installed a basic ADSL line because your business needed Internet connectivity that was cost-effective.

But what do you do when your business has outgrown this basic service? When you need a faster connection, or need to use a lot more bandwidth because your business has expanded.

You may want to start using all the new, powerful Internet-based technologies, like cloud services, but you don’t have the connection speed or bandwidth to take advantage of the benefits that these offer your business. Or you may be starting a new business in an area where there is no fixed line infrastructure. 

Bigger companies can afford to solve this problem by installing a dedicated fixed line service, but that’s usually out of reach of small and medium-sized companies.

So you’re forced to make do with your current solution, or to enter into far more expensive contracts that you hadn’t budgeted for.

We have a better option for you

Our Wireless DSL solution bridges the gap between low-cost ADSL Internet and high-cost dedicated Internet services.

It is a pure extension of the EOH NS Metro Fibre network so these wireless last mile services are not only quick to deploy, but are also technically efficient due to the core fibre network on which they are built.

How your company will benefit

  • You get a more reliable access medium than basic ADSL, with higher capacity and more speed
  • It’s far more cost-effective than a dedicated fixed line service
  • Upload and download speeds are the same
  • You get uncapped, low contention Internet access
  • You can easily convert it to a dedicated or fixed Internet service later, if you need to

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