JSE Access

EOH NS Access to JSE  solution

Get faster access to the JSE network

If your business needs to access the JSE network, you’ll have encountered two problems…

  • the high latency and high cost of connecting to the facility
  • the introduction of a minimum bandwidth requirement to connect to certain JSE services, in some cases 8Mbps

We can solve both problems for you

We have incorporated the JSE node in Sandton into our Metro Ethernet 10 Gbps ring. This has given us protected access to the JSE from the EOH NS core network. We can now extend JSE access to our general clients.

We can provide a dedicated link to your company wanting to connect to the JSE to access any of the JSE services.

For a competitive port fee, you can connect to the EOH network and get protected Fibre JSE Access up to 1 Gbps and at speeds of sub 1 ms.

And EOH NS clients who purchase dedicated Internet access will get a like size port to the JSE at no charge.

How your company will benefit

  • Increase speed and reduce operating costs for JSE access
  • Higher capacity for your JSE network access

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