EOH NS Access to Mimecast Solution

Are high Internet connectivity costs hampering your ability to use Mimecast?

Mimecast is an excellent email filtering and archiving service in the cloud. While more and more companies are using it, it could be unrealistic for your business when taking into considering the Internet access portion required.

The reason for this high access cost is that most Internet Service Providers in South Africa charge standard Internet access rates to access Mimecast. There is also an element of double charging, as Mimecast itself already incorporates an Internet fee to deliver your email.

The reality is that you simply don’t need to pay for this.

You can save up to 100% of your Mimecast Internet access costs

With EOH Network Solutions you are not charged for additional and unnecessary Internet access costs. Our Metro Fibre network, owned and managed by EOH Network Solutions, peers directly with Mimecast, and you use this network to access Mimecast. This completely eliminates expensive Internet access charges, and is exclusive to EOH Network Solutions.

So you get unlimited free access to Mimecast.

The result is that you can get up to a 100% saving on the delivery of Mimecast services to your company network.

How your company will benefit

  • Your Mimecast email filtering and archiving service will cost much less to use
  • You’ll be able to use Mimecast a lot more
  • If you don’t already use Mimecast, it can now become affordable

Mimecast service options

EOH NS will provide a dedicated link for you to connect to Mimecast to retrieve email or any other services available from the Mimecast network.

The link will be of an appropriate size to service your Mimecast requirements, and will take into account your accompanying commercial considerations.

We can provide almost any last mile service to connect to Mimecast, except ADSL.

Costs include:

  • Last Mile link as specified
  • CPE device for link termination and routing
  • Link Management (EOH or subcontractor)
  • Dedicated access to Mimecast at the link size selected

(Diversity on last mile is not included, but can be selected as an extra.)

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