• Proactive monitoring for maximum performance
  • Use industry leading technologies
  • Round the clock support

EOH Monitor

Network Monitoring Services

The IT and telecommunications scenarios that companies face today are becoming more complex, with the growing amount of technology and services that are being introduced. 

Consequently, it is becoming more important that companies have the right, proactive monitoring and management of these systems to support the required growth in business and delivery.

EOH Network Solutions has designed a range of network monitoring and management services that give you the peace of mind of knowing that your networks are being actively monitored - to ensure maximum network efficiency and uptime.

Our suite of network monitoring services includes industry-leading technologies that will assist your organisation in monitoring your network devices, managing your device logs, and providing IP and DNS management.

Along with a 24/7/365 Support Centre, we provide countrywide incident management, third-party escalation and management, SLA management, and break fix support.

With over 100 supported locations in South Africa, we have the ability to devote the best skills and attention to ensuring maximum uptime for your network.

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