EOH Remote Management Services (RMS)

Optimal network performance management

With the help of the EOH NS Support Centre,  EOH NS provides a variety of proactive network monitoring and management services, designed to keep your network up and running.

At a high level, our systems provide fault management, configuration management and network performance management for all WAN and LAN network services and devices. These monitoring services are driven through the EOH NS Support Centre, which is responsible for resolving or escalating network outages or performance issues, either directly or through nominated third parties.

The EOH NS Monitor portal provides you with an online browser-based view of your network health status and performance, against established SLA parameters.

Services available within EOH RMS include:

  • Reactive event monitoring (WAN / LAN)
  • Third-party WAN monitoring and management
  • Event escalation
  • Performance management
  • Task automation service
  • Threshold management
  • Service delivery management

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