Most large organisations in South Africa use ADSL as a cost-effective way of connecting their branches. In most cases ADSL costs up to 70% less than other similar link size alternatives (like Diginet).

But how do you get a higher quality service?

The problem is that most ADSL solutions have been established for consumers. These are highly contended and highly shaped, to try and provide some level of quality for all users.

This sort of structure does not work when you need to deliver business-critical information from a remote branch to a corporate head office - especially with sensitive information and applications.

Added to this is the fact that the SLA from Telkom on ADSL is now best-effort and it can take up to 11 days to resolve a line break or failure.

So what is different about our ADSL to MPLS service?

We are dedicated to business use

The first difference between EOH NS and other providers is that we don’t provide solutions to consumers. As a result, none of our corporate clients will be contending or fighting for bandwidth with media- and movie-hungry consumers.

Our network only caters for business users.

We offer no contention

To maintain and guarantee quality, we do not oversell the connectivity we provide at any level. This does make our service far more expensive than other providers – they are cheaper because they have higher contention rates, cramming more users together for cost efficiencies.

Instead we offer “no” contention rates, giving our business users dedicated bandwidth. This vastly improves the quality of service and allows us to provide business SLA services to clients with important business-related information and transactions that need to be transmitted on the line.

And our interconnect with Telkom for these services (IP Connect), is delivered directly into your MPLS network.

Our service is fully managed

Because it’s a managed service, we drive Telkom when failures occur and are able to get links and services back in place within reasonable timeframes. This gives you improved business continuity by decreasing ADSL-related business interruption.

We have single happy clients that have more than 300 smaller remote sites on our ADSL to MPLS service.

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