EOH NS Digi Connect

The bandwidth and stability of Diginet

EOH Digi Connect is a telecommunications service that sits between ADSL and Diginet from Telkom.

It uses a last mile Diginet link into your network (like Diginet does), but is then aggregated into a core network  and delivered to EOH NS by Telkom.

The result is a service that has more bandwidth availability and stability like Diginet, with cost efficiency closer to that of ADSL.

Save through Digi Connect, compared to traditional Diginet

Deploying a fully-managed Digi Connect service back into your MPLS network, from any location in the country that supports Diginet, costs less than a traditional Diginet solution.

We offer you two Digi Connect services:

Dedicated voice PRI or BRI service

We install a Primary Rate Interface (PRI), using a Digi Connect for voice-only transmission.

Previously this was not a cost-effective solution, but with Digi Connect and further subsidisation from us, we can build dedicated voice networks for you.

Branch network

We use Digi Connect to replace ADSL for remote branches in larger company networks. For example, if your company has 300 sites on ADSL, we would move them to Digi Connect as a more stable and reliable means of servicing them. You can also run Data and Voice over the same link.

How Digi Connect works

The diagram below shows how Telkom hands us the service. It is almost identical in design to ADSL, except that the link between your business premises and the local exchange is now Diginet.

"The DigiConnect service from EOH-NS has proven to be a superb replacement for ADSL in our branch offices.” - Glenn Hurlow, Mazars

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