EOH Network Services Overview

We help companies find the balance between the drive to lower cost, and the need to establish quality networks to support business needs. We provide it all - from professional consulting to building and delivering a future-proof network.

We also focus on offering access and connectivity that enable companies to take full advantage of the powerful technologies that are revolutionising the business world, like cloud-based services and voice solutions.

Here’s a quick summary of all our Network Services for you to easily find what your business needs.

EOH Network

EOH Network provides a range of fully managed network services:

  • Our Managed Networks (MPLS) offer high-quality, secure private networking.
  • ADSL to MPLS is a dedicated business product, with no contention and high quality.
  • 3G to MPLS gives you efficient last-mile connectivity where there is no fixed line infrastructure.
  • EOH Digi Connect offers the bandwidth and stability of Diginet, with the cost-effectiveness of ADSL.
  • MPLS Internet Breakout improves services delivery in the MPLS network, increases Internet speeds and reduces cost

EOH Voice

Our Voice services offer high-quality telecommunications, and offer you the very latest technology:

  • On-site Voice provides clients with dedicated on site voice deployments.
  • Hosted PBX gives you a way of migrating to a fully hosted PBX solution at your own pace.
  • Voice Trunk Services gives you a high quality and competitive Voice Minutes termination partner.

EOH Cloud

We provide a full complement of cloud services that allow your business take advantage of the benefits offered by the most recent developments in cloud computing.

  • Managed Hosting offers a fully outsourced, completely agnostic cloud infrastructure that you can configure to suit your business needs.
  • Cloud Backup is reliable and automated, with full security protection and easy scalability.
  • Disaster Recovery gives you the peace of mind of an additional data storage facility with quick data restoration abilities.
  • Virtual Desktops allow you to instantly provision customised workstations for everyone in your business.
  • Data Centres offer you storage space in any of the major data centres in South Africa.

EOH Monitor

Our network monitoring and management services help to ensure maximum network efficiency, with improved business insight.

  • Remote Management System help to ensure that your business network stays up and running, with optimal performance.
  • IPAM and DNS Management give you maximum network planning efficiency, and help to ensure a secure, robust network infrastructure.
  • Log Manager is a log data management solution that gives real-time, useful insight into your business.

EOH Connect

We can connect you with every substantial last mile provider, so you get the best available last mile access technology

  • Managed Access provides interconnecting with every last mile provider in South Africa to ensure that you get the best technology choice.
  • Metro Ethernet Fibre offers limitless fibre bandwidth to support the IT and telecoms service access your business needs.
  • EOH Wireless is an excellent last mile option, providing fast, flexible wireless connectivity that is quick to deploy.

EOH Internet

We offer a range of purpose-built Internet Access services for specific business needs. Fast, reliable– with the highest quality.

  • Corporate Internet provides high-speed, dedicated Internet connectivity, using the fastest and most reliable cable networks in South Africa.
  • Broadband Internet offers cost-effective, reliable business Internet access - the best available in the market today.
  • Internet Extreme is extremely fast Internet at extremely competitive prices, designed for businesses that sometimes need high-speed access, but cannot justify a dedicated line.
  • Internet Access Per Gig offers high bandwidth, reliable business Internet access - the best available in the market today.
  • Wireless DSL an affordable Internet and Wireless alternative for businesses that have outgrown a basic ADSL service.

EOH Secure

Our Managed Security Services can protect your networks, email and Internet connectivity, so you don’t have to dedicate any of your own resources to these tasks.

  • Perimeter Firewall offers high levels of network security with pre-emptive protection against threats – while reducing your expenses.
  • Web Content Filter is most accurate web filtering protection currently available – at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own solution.
  • Email Security is a cost-effective way of protecting your email from spam and viruses, and preventing unnecessary bandwidth waste.
  • Network Anti-Virus provides real-time anti-virus network protection at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own network security system.

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