• Up to 40x faster cloud application and Internet performance
  • Reduces your data usage by up to 95%
  • Vastly improved user experience
  • Increased efficiency and productivity

EOH NS Global Application Optimisation

Fast, flexible access to business-critical applications delivered from anywhere the world.

Because most applications that businesses in South Africa use are delivered from data centres in the US or Europe, high latency and costly bandwidth can prevent them from performing optimally and cost-effectively.

Our EOH Global Application Optimisation, powered by Aryaka, removes these and other obstacles facing South African companies wanting to use applications like, Microsoft 365 and Oracle Cloud.

The result is fast, smooth application performance that greatly improves user experience and increases productivity – within 7 days.

Actual application performance improvements:

Look at the speed increases and data reductions you can achieve with EOH NS Global Application Optimisation:

Easily put us to the test

Our trial options will allow you to measure the efficacy of EOH NS Global Application Optimisation in comparison to your current network and application delivery – without changing your network design or service providers.

Ask about our trial options:


  • 22 global optimisation POPs covering the globe
  • An underlying premium MPLS core network connecting all 22 POPs
  • Instant access to every major SaaS and IaaS service in the world
  • Ensure and protect global voice solutions like Link with MPLS and QOS network
  • Accessible via IP Sec or L2 for hybrid networking
  • Pure SD WAN capability to manage global application delivery

Aryaka Global Optimisation POPs

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