EOH Network Anti-Virus

Real-time network protection

The EOH NS Anti-Virus solution provides high levels of security by protecting your company network from ‘in the wild’ viruses - all viruses that are currently prolific on the Internet.

Anti-virus scanning can be done on any combination of HTTP, IMAP, POP3, FTP and SMTP traffic, giving you comprehensive protection on all protocols.

The solution delivers real-time signature updates from over 50 redundant high-speed distribution servers around the globe. This prevents both new and as yet unknown threats from gaining access to your network.

By eliminating virus traffic at the network perimeter it not only saves bandwidth usage - it can also substantially reduce the load placed on your on-site anti-virus infrastructure and resources.

This gives you a cost-effective double layer of anti-virus protection.

How your company will benefit

  • Comprehensive network protection
    Blocking of unwanted, non work-related, peer to peer, and instant messaging traffic.
  • Real-time protection
    High system performance is achieved using the integrated Content Processor (CP) to accelerate virus file scanning with real time analysis.
  • Automatic updates
    Superior protection is ensured via FotiGuard distribution, which is dispersed in highly secure data centres throughout the world.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    You’ll pay a fraction of the software costs you would incur by setting up your own anti-virus network protection.
  • Information and insight
    You receive valuable reports on top viruses - by hour, by day and per month.

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