• Complete peace of mind around your network security
  • Perfectly aligned to your business needs
  • Fully customisable services

EOH Secure

Managed Security Services

Your company network is like any other corporate asset: it has value, and it is directly related to the success and revenue of your company.

So it must be protected.

Network security is one of the primary concerns of network administrators. The EOH NS Managed Security Services are the full alternative to in-house network security management. Our enterprise clients trust them as an effective means of improving network security – and optimising security cost management.

Managed security configured to meet the specific needs of your business

EOH NS has developed an outsourced suite of security services, designed to provide small, medium and large enterprises with scalable, reliable, best of breed solutions.

Our Managed Security Services reside within Vodacom’s secure data centre, and are built with high levels of redundancy to provide strong perimeter protection. EOH manages and supports all of them.

These services are fully customisable, so they can be tailored to meet the unique configuration requirements of your business. They can be bought as standalone services or taken together for a complete security solution.

We offer the following Managed Security Solutions:

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