EOH Web Content Filter

Using the Internet has become an integral part of conducting business.  However, inappropriate Internet usage has led to lower productivity, unsuitable use of company resources, legal liability and human resource issues.

As a result, many companies need to set up web filtering services to gain insight into and regulate their users’ web activities, in order to adhere to corporate Internet usage and HR policies.

The most accurate filtering available

EOH NS offers an industry-leading web filtering service. It has the largest URL database: 26 million and growing. It provides the highest level of accuracy and protection, allowing you to thoroughly control access to inappropriate web sites that may expose your business to potential liability or even jeopardise network security. Undesirable web browsing is eradicated at the network perimeter, and Internet usage can be appropriately allocated while attaining bandwidth savings.

How your company will benefit

  • Cost-effectiveness
    By using this outsourced solution you won’t incur the hardware and software expenses associated with setting up your own web filtering solution. You’ll only pay a fraction of the software costs.
  • Ease of administration
    User-based authentication, through internal domain controllers or active directories, allows IT administrators to apply policies to different user groups. By integrating with the solution the same policies will apply for all users.
  • Information and insight
    Monitoring and reporting will give you valuable insight into web activity and bandwidth usage (by domain and per user). Activity reports include top blocked sites, top users and top categories. 

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