• Excellent voice quality
  • Significant cost savings using IP telephony
  • The flexibility to continue meeting changing business needs
  • Improved customer service and responsiveness
  • Fully managed – none of your own resources required


Any business can have more efficient, professional voice communications with our world-class, on-premise IP PBX systems.

EOH IP PBX provides on-premise IP telephony and unified communications solutions, powered by Mitel. We have earned our Mitel Platinum partner certification by having the best skilled Mitel support in the country, comprising the largest single collection of Mitel engineers.

Our IP PBX systems power everything from a basic office communications set-up to a full enterprise environment. All our Mitel IP telephony deployments are covered by fully managed SLAs with continuous remote support.

IP PBX in the office

Advanced communications features and ease of use, with the scalability and flexibility to keep up with changing business needs.

Our on-premise IP PBX solutions come with a selection of IP and digital phones, consoles and peripherals. They’re suitable for all sizes of businesses, in any industry.

We also provide full telephone management systems and telephony expense management.

Your business will have a high degree of control – for instance, you can access remote support, and provision voice minutes. And because the IP telephony runs on your own LAN, you enjoy high performance in all your voice communications channels.

Knowledge Centre

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EOH IP PBX Call Centre

Our Call Centres solutions greatly enhance customer-centricity and responsiveness.