• No IT capex required
  • Easy scalability gives you unprecedented flexibility
  • A completely new world of business communications efficiency
  • Always be assured of the very latest UC technology
  • A fully managed service – no resource overheads for you
  • Excellent voice quality

EOH NS Unified Communications – as a Service (UCaaS)

Your business becomes more agile with our world-class, comprehensive hosted Unified Communications solutions. It’s a combination of IP telephony, cloud computing, collaboration and unified communications in one fully managed service.

Harness the full power that your organisation needs to operate successfully in the modern technology-driven business environment.

With technology causing so much disruption in workplace communications, your business needs an all-in-one communications suite comprising the very latest communications capabilities.

You will also want this to be scalable, so that it can continue to meet your needs as your business grows, and as new technologies emerge.

EOH NS UCaaS is exactly this.

It’s the comprehensive communications service your business needs to respond quickly and successfully to customer demands, operate more productively and attract the best talent.

It dramatically reduces the capital investment, complexity and support cost associated with an on-premise solution.

EOH NS UCaaS uses MiCloud technology, powered by Mitel – and exclusive to EOH.

Innovating in your business today

Customised design is what we do. It’s in our DNA. So we can tailor our UCaaS solutions to any business. The result? An innovative and flexible communications service that can transform your business and help position you as a market leader.

Teams that are widely distributed can collaborate from any location using whatever communications channel suits them at the time and place.

This transforms your business into a more agile organisation, with personnel able to communicate more efficiently, in real time, using presence information. They can work on projects simultaneously, in close collaboration with each other.

EOH NS UCaaS will drive innovation throughout your organisation, using the full power of unified communications technology, combined with the cloud.

Excellent voice quality

A prime feature of our UCaaS solutions is superb voice quality.

We only use dedicated bandwidth and last mile links to guarantee this quality – which is written into our SLAs.

To ensure this we’ve invested heavily in back-end infrastructure and quality management tools. Probes across the network constantly monitor call quality and send real-time feedback so that we can respond immediately to anything that requires attention.

Your clients and, partners and suppliers will experience the most professional communications quality available, no matter which cloud communications channel they use to interact with you.

Advantages and benefits

Better business agility

UCaaS supports distributed organisations that have multiple offices, remote and home workers, and mobile personnel. Unified communications and IP telephony features facilitate better communication, collaboration and teamwork, with support for smartphones and tablets.

This allows your business to be more agile: it will be able to respond more swiftly and efficiently to market conditions, customer demands and competitor moves. It will be more proactive, able to launch initiatives in anticipation of trends and developments. UCaaS scales with your business needs.

Financial gains

You can have a UCaaS solution implemented rapidly, without any capital expenditure. We constantly upgrade the technologies available, so that you benefit from new technology immediately. It also frees up capital to invest in core business activities.

The integration of mobile devices offers further costs savings, through reduced call charges. Costs also become predictable, with a fixed price per use per month.

UCaaS will save your business money as it uses shared hardware and support. This shared services model also makes it more cost-effective to deliver it from a secure, high-availability data centre, with technical specialists on hand 24/7.

Five-star support

This is a managed communications solution, underpinned by an agreed service level. We provide top-class support throughout your UC journey, from helping you to define requirements, to managing implementation and providing ongoing, responsive support.

Technology support is also a strong focus – all software assurance, licensing and upgrades are taken care of.

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