• Excellent voice quality
  • High availability and resilience
  • Mobility - work from home or on the move
  • Ease of use for increased productivity
  • Improved communication and collaboration from anywhere
  • Flexibility - services can be expanded and reduced as needed
  • Cost control through an on-demand model

EOH NS Unified Communications (UC)

EOH NS Unified Communications solutions and services offer everything that any business needs to participate successfully in the new world of business communications.

A lot is being spoken about the coming new world of work, which will be dominated by the communications technology that milliennials use, and the ways in which they use it to get work done.

In addition, advances in networking technology and bandwidth availability will soon create a hyperconnected world, where people are able to work from wherever they happen to be, at whatever time they wish to.

In short, work will go to people, rather than people continuing to go to work, as they mainly do now.

The future of business communications

The new world of work is going to require that people can use any communication channel they need to at any time. What’s needed is a true unified communications system.

This is exactly what EOH UC solutions are designed for. They anticipate future ways of working, collaborating and communicating, allowing businesses to already start implementing the technologies that will be needed in the world of work we will soon enter.

EOH NS has partnered with MiCloud, powered by Mitel, to bring leading UC solutions to South African business. Click here for more information.

Flexible, scalable, customised UC solutions

Whether it’s a basic IP PBX system, an enterprise call centre, or an end-to-end cloud-based unified communications infrastructure – we customise our solutions to meet the needs of every type of business.

We have 3 types of solutions, depending on whether you require an on-premise or hosted service:


Cloud-based unified communications solutions that offer immense flexibility and cost-effectiveness, without the need for capex. These MiCloud services are powered by Mitel.

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All the benefits of IP telephony in a fully managed on-premise business communications system, that can be quickly and easily provisioned.

Full-scale enterprise call centre solutions, tailored to your business needs, and designed to ensure significant customer service improvements.

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EOH Voice Services

Voice trunking services offer superb voice quality, excellent cost-effectiveness and the ability to scale up into more powerful IP PBX systems.

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EOH Monitor

A high-performance network is critical to true UC adoption. EOH Network Services can provide all the network technology you will need.