• Quality
    We ensure high quality voice experience - our Voice Trunking Service (VTS) has one of the highest Mean Opinion Score ratings
  • Cost efficiency
    A total cost solution that is up to 50% lower than your current voice service (excludes VoIP services)
  • Future proofing
    Scalable upgrade paths to EOH hosted IP PBX solutions.

EOH NS Voice Services

Your business needs maximum technical and commercial benefit from its telecommunications spend.

We understand your business’s ongoing need to gain the most technical and commercial benefit possible for its telecommunications services spend. And nowhere in telecommunications is that more evident than with voice services, due to their dependency on high quality and stable networks.

We can deliver this… and reduce your costs

As one of the very few full Next Generation Networks in South Africa, we have the ability to deliver the quality and network stability you need to ensure that your voice services maintain a high level of performance.

EOH NS Voice Services allow you to completely replace your current voice termination provider. This is because our service comes with its own dedicated last mile access. So the quality of the product - from your premises, all the way through our entire network - can be guaranteed.

If you use our Voice Services you can also take advantage of our UC-as-a-Service solutions.

Our Voice Trunk Services products

We offer three basic VTS options. Each of these services is costed with the inclusion of a dedicated last mile for voice, as well as dedicated hardware with which we interconnect with your company’s existing PBX.

(Please note that we do not use ADSL, or Wireless for voice backhaul to our NGN Network).


The BRI service is a 2 channel connection to the EOH NS Voice Network. Up to 8 BRIs can be purchased (16 voice channels) using this connection type.
(Min of 4 BRIs required for dedicated voice last mile).


The PRI service is a 30 channel connection to the EOH NS Voice Network. You can take up to 4 PRI services (120 channels).


The SIP service allows you to connect an IP-based telephony system to the EOH NS Voice Network. This service is also provided on a channel basis, but can be expanded far more rapidly than BRI or PRI services.

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EOH PBX Solution

EOH IP PBX solutions are powered by Mitel, to offer the best voice quality available.