Why Choose EOH Network Services

We are committed to ensuring the availability of world-class products to South African companies, with competitive, superior customer service.

We use our Network Services as an enabling and delivery medium to help you access services that serve your business needs. And to provide these services in ways that offer value to your business.

They allow you to implement exceptionally high quality, high capacity network connectivity, with freedom of choice and high levels of service and support.

We make networking, Internet and cloud-based services reliably accessible. Our flagship services all revolve around using bandwidth as the enabler of business Internet services – not positioning it as a costly stumbling block. So your company can reap the benefits without paying exorbitant bandwidth costs.

How is our service better?

We have a proven ability to provide better service, with higher levels of customer satisfaction. This starts with our mindset – we recognise that in a market where price and technology can easily and quickly be replicated, the only true way we can differentiate ourselves is through service and execution.

Excellent service is unique and incredibly hard to achieve, so we have completely dedicated our organisation to it.

Why do we deliver excellent service better than others?

  • EOH NS built a brand new Next-Generation Network five years ago, from the ground up. This allows us to constantly add new services and technology to the network, which is now seamless and simple. The direct benefit for our customers is that we can execute complex solutions faster and with fewer problems.
  • We understand that scalability and automation is based on systems - the right systems. Our continuous investment in systems development has resulted in better information flow to our customers and far greater accuracy in all areas.

How do we meet your business networking needs?

We have the capabilities to design, implement and manage networks of any scale - offering you real choice and flexibility. We tailor-make our network designs to not only solve, but improve on your business communication challenges and requirements.