SwitchedON Network Services

We believe that good service is the most important distinguishing feature in a crowded ICT market. So it’s our primary focus.

We use our network solutions to help you access applications and services that meet your company’s needs and add value to your business.

We are committed to ensuring the availability of world-class products to South African companies, with competitive, superior customer service.


Want to use Mimecast more, but hampered by Internet bandwidth?

Get On Net access to Mimecast when using the EOH Metro Fibre network.

MS Office 365

Need high quality International capacity to access MS Office 365?

We have designed solutions that make using Office 365 quick and easy.

Cloud Services

Worried about infrastructure maturity to REALLY use the Cloud?

Our Metro Fibre Access services are developed with Cloud services in mind.

Data Storage

Is data storage and recovery access bandwidth limiting your DR strategy?

We've connected every Data Centre to make your choice simple and cost efficient.

JSE Network

Need lowest latency access to the JSE Network?

We have developed the fastest network service and sub 1 Ms access to the JSE.

Network Services

Tailored network and access services to meet your every business need.

From Managed Networks, last mile connectivity and Internet access, to Voice Solutions and Cloud Services – we have everything you need to be a modern, agile, fully connected business.